Monday, November 15, 2010

What are you doing for the Holidays?

I have started making gifts for my loved ones.  I wanted to go mostly homemade this year as I can't see paying money for something I can make.  On one of my stamping forums,smeared and smudged,  there was a discussion started a while ago about homemade holidays and I am in total agreement.  It's not that I don't like giving and receiving gifts, I just don't like all the bull shit that comes with buying gifts.  So this year, I decided, along with lots of other ladies, to have a mostly homemade Christmas!!! 

So I have started, I have made scarves, and fingerless gloves, crochet of course.  I am in the process of Jewelry, and room decorations.  It is just satisfying to know that what they are getting is something I made with love and not something I ran out and got cause it was there!!!  Who knows, maybe this will become a tradition for me!  So don't be surprised if you receive something that doesn't have a price tag on it!!!!

I will keep you posted and maybe even put a few designs or recipes up in the future! 

Blessed Be

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