Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thank You

to my wonderful friend Angela.  She and I talked for quite a while yesterday and I learned some wonderful, helpful tips and hints, from her!!!  Let's just say that today I didn't have a salad for lunch like I have had everyday  since finding out I was diabetic!!!  Today I had a low carb tortilla with turkey pepperoni and reduced fat Monterrey jack cheese.  I had so  been craving pizza for the last few days and couldn't stop thinking about it!!!  SOOOOO   I had a pseudo-pizza today and it was awesome!!!  Thanks for the info AB!!!   There is so much to learn and I am so overwhelmed right now!!!  My first mantra to myself is everything in moderation, ESPECIALLY on our Christmas CRUISE!!!!!!

Tonight there will be roasted chicken, cabbage, fingerling potatoes with lemon and dill!  I can't wait!!!  How is it that I can make low carb/good carb/low fat/weight watching dinners but when it comes to breakfast and lunch, I loose my mind like I have never fed myself before!!!???!!!

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